The monkey who was not ashamed

     A fairy sail—

     A fairy sail is like a fairy tale, but it is written by two people writing to each other on the Internet. One person writes a few words and sends them up to the stars, around the moon, across the night sky and into the computer of a second person. That person then adds something to the story. It sails back and forth until the story is done.


ONCE there lived a girl name Lana who went with her class to the zoo. The first thing they saw was a monkey.  When the monkey looked at her Lana said, “It is too bad you are not a girl like me. Then you could eat ice cream!” The monkey replied, “Why do you think only girls eat ice cream?  I eat banana ice cream every day!”  All the girls in the class screamed when the monkey spoke. But Lana wasn’t afraid, because she was a brave girl, but her friends almost fainted. Lana told them that it was just a monkey, not a ghost! But her friends ran back to the bus. When they were gone the monkey said, “Would you like to meet the other animals in the zoo?” 

     “Of course,” said Lana.  And so they went off to explore the zoo.  They did not walk very far when a bear started making fun of the monkey.  The bear said, “YOU and a human are walking together? That is really funny!” 

     But the monkey answered, “Why don’t I have a right to be with a human?”

     The bear said, “Only a dirty monkey would walk with a human!” 

     Lana got angry and said, “How can you call me dirty?  You don’t know anything about humans.”  Lana then said to the monkey, “Let’s go somewhere else.”

     Next they went to see the elephants and the same thing happened. The elephants started to laugh at the monkey for making friends with a human. Everywhere they went the animals all laughed at them. Finally, they saw a fox. The fox said, “Monkey, why don’t you walk with my beautiful daughter? Why are you walking with this ugly girl child who doesn’t know anything and doesn’t do anything good?” 

     Just then the monkey saw a tear fall down Lana’s  cheek. He looked at the fox and then at all the other animals and said, “You are all wrong, you silly animals!  The only beauty in the world is in the heart.  It is where understanding lives and makes her home. You have no hearts because you cannot cry. Humans are the most beautiful creatures on earth, because God gave them tears to make their hearts beautiful and clean.” —Shahida and Mrs. Chips

Shahida is thirteen.  Her native language is Pashto.  She has been studying at SOLA, School of Leadership, Afghanistan.  Her dream is to help her people by becoming either a doctor or a lawyer.


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