The letter “E” 

Writers for InterestEng. were given the assignment to chose a letter of the alphabet and make up a story of how that letter came to be. In this very thoughtful story, Sajia tells us how the letter “E” came to be.  Sajia is one of our newer writers. She is from Afghanistan and is at university in Kyrgyzstan. Her native language is Dari. At university she learns English and Russian.  


Photo courtesy Susan Stark


ONCE upon a time, in this big world when there were no letters to write words and no books to read, a very gentle and intelligent man got an idea and started thinking about it. What was his idea and how did it come to his mind?

     The story begins when he decided to have a walk around. While walking, the people around him got his attention. He saw how lovely and friendly they were to each other. It was an awesome feeling and he wanted such relationships to go on like this forever. He thought a lot about how it would be possible to save this way of life. The only answer he found was transferring this way of living to the next generation. He wanted to teach them from his own, and other people’s, experiences how having a peaceful life is important to everyone. But he did not know how to do it. He came back to his house that night and saw his wife doing some beautiful embroidery. He quietly sat in front of his wife staring at her work. Suddenly an idea came to his mind and it was incredible. Now he had an answer. He would create shapes that would last, like his wife’s embroidery, and with these shapes he would make letters and words so people would be able to read and write. The first letter he made was “E” and the first word he wrote to teach others was Education. We have that gentle, intelligent man to thank for changing our lives and giving us the best thing in the world: Education. —Sajia

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