The key

This month, the Gentle One was given the assignment to write two different short stories about one photo. Could you do this assignment?


     One day I was walking home and I suddenly saw something shiny on the ground. I looked carefully and it was a key. I thought, “This key is maybe from a house and the owner lost it.”

    But when I looked again, I saw that the key was very, very old and not like house keys today. I thought again, “Maybe it is the key to an old box with treasure in it.”  

     I thought, “Maybe I will find the box. When I find it I will take the treasure and I will make a school for girls!”


    When I was very little my grandmother gave me a key. Unfortunately, I lost it. The key was very important because the key was from a box. The box was important to my grandmother. She hid the box from other people because she wanted me to open it when I got older. Every time I saw the box I always tried to find the key again. One day when I was walking in the garden, suddenly I saw the key in the house of our chickens. I was very happy. Then I opened the box and in the box was another box. It was a very beautiful little bank filled with money that she saved for my education.

                                                                                   — The Gentle One 


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