The journey apart, and together


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Despite having a computer screen and 1000s of miles between tutor and student, despite power outages and internet blips, nothing stands between the love and caring felt for each other as this touching story, by one of our special tutors in the U.S., shows.

I VE been wanting to tell you what Meena [a student from Afghanistan] and I are working on these days.  She’s currently in Bejing attending university for her masters. She is majoring in international politics and attending the school of languages as well.  She is there on scholarship and she and I have recently worked on her thesis proposal (exploring future trade oppor- tunities, challenges, and prospects for Afghanistan in the world) which she defends the end of this month.

     Yesterday when we met she mentioned that an article she wrote regarding women and their influence was recently pub- lished on a BBC news blog! I am so proud of her and how far her English writing and speaking have come.

     We look forward to our weekly conversations and often “meet” via email during the week when she shares her work for my review.

     Thank you for this opportunity. Woman to woman we share the same wishes for the world and enjoy sharing a laugh and feeling compassion for the world—both our worlds—whenever we speak.  —Pauline

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