The continuing basketball saga

Story by Anisgul.  Native language, Pashto.



Anisgul off the court, at her American host family’s home, talking to the editor by Skype.


AT FIRST I was not good at playing basketball. Day by day I get better. We have more games than practices and because of that we don’t win. If we had a lot of practice, I think we could win. 

     I stand close to the basket and I am good at stealing! I can run fast too. I am not supposed to stand so close to the basket. When I stand too close to the basket, the referee calls at me a lot. She says, “Number 22 don’t stand there!”  I look at her and smile and she says, “You know you’re not supposed to stand there.” Still I don’t listen to her and again I go very close to the basket to get the ball. I do it because I want to get the ball from the other team. If I don’t, the other team will score and I want my team to score! 

     After every game our coach asks us, “Did you have fun?” We say, “Yes, but if we could win it would be more fun.”  He says, “Don’t care about winning. It’s good to have fun!” And then he smiles.

Editor’s note: On January 23 at 6:33 pm, 3 minutes after arriving home from a basketball game, we received word that Anisgul scored the first goal of her basketball career. 

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