The butterflies


*FOR CLASSROOM USE - This video-story exercise is especially designed to develop writing skills. Students watch a short creative video and then describe what they saw.

It was a quiet night, but then the wind began to blow. There were bats flying around the trees where butterflies were sleeping. The butterflies were opening their wings and trying to wake up. The butterflies were afraid of the bats. The butterflies began to move from one tree to another tree. They were clever and tried to trick the bats to make them go away.  The butterflies took a light and turned it on. They moved sideways and backwards around the light. The bats thought an eagle came to eat them and so they left. The butterflies were happy and lived in peace. —Shahida

Shahida is 13. Her native language is Pashto. She loves learning English. She studies at SOLA, School of Leadership, Afghanistan. This is her first story for InterestEng.  Congratulations, Shahida. Well done!

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