The best word

     Fairo is from Afghanistan and is studying to be a veterinarian. This is her first story for InterestEng. and a very beautiful one.  Welcome Fairo.


PEACE is the best word in the world. It is the biggest dream, hope and gift people can give each other.

     Peace is living with no fear of losing your family or the people you love. Peace is hope for the future. It is the reason to smile. Peace is all that some people dream about every night.  They dream of improving and developing their country with peace, of finding joy from living in a friendly way with all the different religions, races and nationalities. But when there is no peace we can just dream of this.

     I am dreaming of that special day when I am going to university with no threat, a day when I am going                                                to my province again and no one will prevent us from going. I am dreaming about that day when people will work with no worries and no one will leave the country for fear and leave their old, deep friends. I am dreaming about the day when all young girls can go and learn with no discrimination and children will know hope and goodness and peace. —Fairo

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