The alphabet poem

Photo courtesy Les Anderson, Unsplash!

     Sodaba is one of our newer writers. She is from Afghanistan and is currently in high school at SOLA (School of Leadership in Afghanistan).  Her native language is Dari.  Sodaba hopes to pursue journalism but, in the meantime, she is proving to be a truly wonderful poet.  Welcome, Sodaba!  

It was a long path,
Covered with a white calm.
First one step, then the next.
Filling my notebook with those strange letters was exciting,
Going down that long road to joy, happiness, understanding.
But that was not all.
Now, nervous to raise my voice,
A blushing face standing in front of the class,
Singing the alphabet with strength!
I liked that nervousness,
The joy, happiness, gladness,
And that unbalanced rhythm.



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