Thanks to my uncle

  Story by Shakila. Native language Dari.  This is Shakila’s first story for us. Welcome, Shakila!


Photo: public domain


MY uncle has given me so much. Most of all, he gives me his example. When I was 13, I was living in a place where there was no school. Then we moved to Kabul. I told my father I wanted to go to school, but he said, “No, you cannot. You are too old now to go to school. People will think you are a bad girl.” It made me so sad.  

     For three days I did not eat. I just cried. I wasn’t talking to anyone. I even tried to hurt myself.  Then my mother said to my father, “Please, let her go to school.” She cried too. Then my mother talked to her brother, my uncle. He thinks it is right for girls to go to school. I asked my uncle to help me. My uncle told me not to worry. He talked with my father and finally my father said, “O.K.”    

     My uncle was the one who found SOLA [School of Leadership, Afghanistan] for me. When I first came here, I didn’t know English. Everything was new and unfamiliar. But my uncle told me I could do it. I just needed to work hard and do my best. When somebody talks to you like that you want to work hard; you want to try your best! I could not do this without him. I wish everyone had such an uncle! He helps many girls. He also helps different schools.

     Once he told me that when he was little, he was very poor. He was often cold and hungry, but he did not let that stop him from working hard in school. When he finished school, he went to a university in Canada! A few years ago, he wanted to be Prime Minister of Afghanistan but he didn’t get enough votes. After that, he became an ambassador from Afghanistan in Pakistan. He always tells me, “If you work hard you can do anything. With just one pen [with education] you can change your life.”  

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