Thanks to a mother we have lightbulbs


Photo: public domain


Our young high school student from Afghanistan, Mashal, loves to read stories about people who persisted and succeeded. Here he writes about what he learned from reading a short story about Thomas Edison. (You can read the Edison story HERE.) 

THOMAS Edison proved he was not stupid even though his teachers believed he was. He invented many valuable things that people need.  He invented things that people in the world still use today.

     When we like to do something, we work hard to do it and we do it. But we also need to work hard at the things we don’t do well.  I think all people who are called stupid can do good things if people help them work hard.        
     I think the real reason Thomas Edison succeeded is because he had a good mother.  His mother never said to Thomas that he was stupid.  And so he didn’t he quit in life because he believed in himself thanks to his mother. So I think this says that a family has a very important role in how to grow a child.  —

                                       * * *

     Do we really grasp the significance of Edison’s light bulb? (i.e. His mother’s influence?)  Watch this.

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