Stories from my shop

Photo Dominik Stotter, Unsplash!


InterestEng. welcomes a special new writer this month to whom we’ve given the pen name, The Gentle One.  She and several of her relatives were driven from their loved homeland by conflict and war.  She has managed to enroll her children in school, find work, and take English lessons.  Here she shares her gentle wit, wisdom and love through stories from the small market clothing shop she works in.


Today a man came in the shop and asked me, “Do you have a white scarf?”  I replied, “Yes, we have.”  He asked, “How much is it?” I replied, “350 rupees”. He called to his wife and said, “There is a white scarf and the price is 280 rupees.”  Then I laughed and told him, “No sir, I will give you a discount of 50 rupees, so the final price is 300 rupees.”  Then he took 2 scarves and paid me 600 rupees.


Today I had a customer. She was very old, about 80-years-old. When she came into the shop I remembered my mother. She was very kind like my mother and I felt like my mother was there. She wanted a warm petticoat and wanted to sit on the chair.  I gave her some petticoats to look at and she bought one.  So today I was happy.
                                                                  — The Gentle One

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