Stories from my shop (#2)

Photo courtesy, Annie Spratt, Unsplash!


One of our newer writers, a refugee to whom we’ve given the pen name, The Gentle One, continues to delight us with her stories from the clothing shop she manages.

TODAY a cute and beautiful girl about nine years old came to the shop. After “hello” she said, “I need a nice scarf.”      
     I asked her, “Which design do you want?” She was wearing an Islamic hejab.  She pointed to her hejab and said, “I don’t want one like this. I want another design.” 
     I showed her many designs but she didn’t like them. Finally I asked, “Which color do you want?”  
     She told me, “I want a white scarf.”  I showed her some and, finally, she liked one of them.
     Then she asked, “How much is it?” 
     I said, “400 rupees”. She looked confused, so I asked her, “How many rupees did your mother give you to buy a scarf?” 
     She said, “350 rupees”.
     So I sold the scarf to her for 350 rupees.  She was so sweet.
                                                                                                                            —The Gentle One

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