Spring will always come




Sodaba is from Afghanistan and currently in high school at SOLA (School of Leadership in Afghanistan).  Her native language is Dari.  Sodaba hopes to pursue journalism but, in the meantime, she is proving to be a truly wonderful poet.

I am sitting in the corner of a room
In cloudy weather,
Where everything is white outside and
And freezing.
Inside I heard the whispers of two lovers.
I heard their dreams.
I saw the beauty of life through their eyes
While I was thinking about myself —
About my own feelings and views of life.

When I am happy
I feel like the luckiest person,
Like something will just come
And change everything.

Then someone wakes me up
And ends all my beautiful dreams.
Now I find inside me
Grasses under snow,
But passionate
For a new spring,
For a new start,
To laugh,
To dream,
And to live.

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