She made us learn!



Photo courtesy Shaiq

She wasn’t really mad, she was sad when we weren’t learning well.


By Shaiq whose native language is Dari. Shaiq is now studying in America. He will eventually return to Afghanistan to help his country. 

MY favorite teacher was one of my English teachers at my private school in Afghanistan. The reason I liked her was because she was hard. She put pressure on us to learn. 

     We learned writing, grammar and other hard things. Ten minutes at the start of the class we had to share news in English. Each person had to talk three minutes without stopping. The teacher would help us if we didn’t know a word, so we would learn.

     She spoke loudly sometimes. She would get mad if we didn’t work hard. She said it was our responsibility to learn well. She said we must not just repeat old things, but learn new things. She wasn’t really mad, she was sad when we weren’t learning well. It takes courage to make students work hard. She was sad when we didn’t respect learning. Those students who didn’t understand, she worked with them separately and taught them the basics. At the end of every week, she would ask each of us what we learned. 

     We had to work in groups. We had to argue with each other and debate. We were asked questions and discussing different questions. For example, some people were saying that money is good; others said that knowledge is good. We had to say why we thought what we did and we had to help each other. We couldn’t let just the best one talk. We had to help the ones talk who weren’t so good.

      My English teacher was really hard, but she was kind and nice. What good is a teacher who doesn’t put pressure on students and make them learn? Thanks to her I learned English more quickly than lots of students. She helped me a lot.

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