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Photo here and below courtesy Anisgul.


Clinometer. Image public domain


Story by Anisgul, who is in 9th grade. Anisgul has been studying this year in America. Her native language is Pashto. 

IN our science class we had a project to make a rocket. I was so excited because in my country, in Afghanistan, we never did something as fun as making rockets! To practice, we first had to build it from a paper towel roll. We didn’t launch the paper rockets. They were just for preparing the real ones. The real ones were made from thick paper cartons, but the noses were made of plastic.  

     You have to follow all the directions carefully. First you put the wings on the body. You have to measure carefully. Next you put the nose on. After that you build the engine. The most important part is the engine. The engine is like a firecracker. You put a special powder in a heavy cardboard capsule [a small holder]. Then you put small wires into one end of the capsule. The other end of the wires are connected to batteries. The batteries have small clips and you connect the clips to the wires. Then there is a long wire from the batteries to a button you push to launch the rocket.  

     From this project I learned that I can be an engineer. When I looked up in the sky and saw it flying I was so happy. My rocket flew 38 meters (125 feet) into the air. I was amazed. I didn’t think it would fly. We had a way to measure the rockets using an instrument called an inclinometer.  One of my classmate’s rockets flew 84 meters (275 feet)! 

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