Promising sisters

Photo courtesy Jordan Donaldson, Unsplash!

Sussan is from Afghanistan. She loves to write and dreams of being a journalist. (We’re glad!)

     A SMALL house with seven sisters. Seven sisters with a mother and a father. Warm with love; love with peace.

     A room for everyone to sleep together. Never mind sleep for now, but in the morning we are sleeping in each other’s hugs. We never sleep far from each other or anywhere but in our father’s house. 

     Cups of tea with lots of stories. Sometimes cooking late, creeping in at midnight and storytelling until morning.

     Laughing together, crying together and sharing together. Making snowmen and ice cream from snow, and hiding from father so he shouldn’t see us.

     Sisters sewing clothes for each other, each one made with wishes and love. Always taking care of our father’s house. Sisters forgiving each other even if they have done something bad. Always taking care. Crying because of sadness of a sister and laughing because of happiness.

     One sister likes sleeping and the other one is in love with working and studying. One sister never studies but always is first in the class. Another sister loves style. Another is quiet and doesn’t like talking that much. And the other one is always methodical [careful and very organized]. The youngest sister is very lovely and small, but with big heart. This is how seven sisters live.

     Aspiring to [reaching for a] higher education, hopeful, starting from a spark and now afire for studying. What progress they are making from education!

     A promising house with big dreams. One sister wants to be a doctor and the other one to be a lawyer. Another plans to be a judge, and the last one dreams of being a pretty journalist. These are the dreams of the sisters of this house.

     Now it is 2016. The youngest sister is alone with lots of space to sleep, missing that small room full of love, where the only sound was laughter. Full of seven sisters. Father’s house is almost empty now. The young Sussan misses her sisters very much. Very, very much. She is the only sister who remains. She wishes she could bring those days back.

     Why does everybody like going away?

     I like home, but not being left behind.  Now I am the one who must go ahead! —Sussan


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