Politics and respect


Kabul. The long, straight road. Photo, courtesy Ian Jacob Lynch


Young Afghans take the right to vote very seriously. They and their parents have much hope in their future.

I AM interested in the field of Political Science, in the government of my people, and how to be responsible. People must respect and fulfill their responsibility to others. If someone wants to be a politician, he should know the qualities of a real man and he should consider these qualities and follow the way of a real man and so make himself a real politician. 

HONESTY.  A politician should do his responsibility honestly and the people should be sure they can believe him. He should care about both rich and poor people and consider their rights the same. 

CONFIDENCE.  A politician should believe in himself. He shouldn’t care if jealous people want to make him miserable. He should do his job. He should work for the good of his people. That means to have the happiness of his people as his responsibility. 

RESPECT.  A politician should have good behavior with everyone. He should be respectful. He should admit our problems and find solutions for them and not excuses! 

STRENGTH.  A real politician should be strong and not be afraid of his enemies. He should fight against unfair rights and unfair laws. He must keep working until he really helps his people. 

     If we want stable elections, people must be able to vote without fear. People who are uneducated must be helped to learn the election process. Also there should be a way to help people vote who are not healthy and cannot go to a polling station. Fraud is a problem we must also solve. If we spend lots of money, if we work very hard, if we solve many small problems, if we make people interested in voting, if we make security good, but if we still have fraud in our elections, then all those things we did will be useless. Then a person who does not have the qualities of a real man will be our president.

     We want a president who will help us make our country better. We are willing to work hard and bring peace here. We have expectations. Our expectations have not died. Our hope has not died. We want good for our country and for those who live around us. We have good people in our country. We have honest people. We have wonderful teachers. They have a special talent to make our country better. We have a good environment: clean water, rich land, good weather, and many minerals. We have all we need to go forward. All this gives me hope in my country.     


Jamshid is 16 years old. He speaks both Pashto and Dari, and loves learning English. He studies at SOLA, the School of Leadership, Afghanistan. His dream is to be a leader in his country. Here is the story behind SOLA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7D0mnagnGQ


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