Names full of history

   Story by Sodaba and Lisa.

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Photo: Kabul, Afghanistan. Public domain.


A name is a very special thing. Yet, when many people move to a new country they are forced to change their names because people in their new country can’t pronounce them. Here, Lisa, one of our amazing Skype teachers from Perth, Australia, shows us how she helps her students explain the beauty and meaning of their names. Here Lisa is working with her new student, Sodaba, from Afghanistan. This is Sodaba’s first story for InterestEng.  Welcome, Sodaba!

What does your name mean?

     My name means useful water.  A long time ago in Afghanistan there was a King.  His name was Kikaoes and his wife’s name was Sodaba.  She was so beautiful. We can’t live without water and we can’t live without Sodaba. 

Who does it remind you of?

     My name reminds me of my mother and my father because they chose it. Queen Sodaba was a very strong woman. I like strong women. All my sisters’ and brothers’ names are from Afghanistan’s history.  One brother’s name is Tamim. Tamim was a King when Sodaba was a Queen. My other brother’s name is Sohrab, he was a Prince.

How do you feel about your name and why?

     I feel so pleased and proud  because it is a positive name. Sodaba is an original and unusual name. My favourite subject is history and I like my name because it comes from Afghanistan’s history.

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