My summer

Farida is sixteen and has been writing for InterestEng. for two years. Her native language is Dari. She is about to start her second year of school in America. This summer she went home to Afghanistan to be with her family and help her people—her greatest dream. Her letter to us this summer so touched us that we wanted to share it with readers.


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I AM trying to stay busy this summer. I had an internship one week at an Afghan school for girls. I and my cousin showed the girls how to make a solar lantern. I am also teaching English for free to the elder men who want to find jobs. I am taking a Pashto class, too. I am reading English books and helping my dad and mom with their works. These things are what I do now.

     We do not have reliable internet so I cannot send you many emails. I have to wait until 12:00 p.m. to send an email or wake up very early in the morning to send it. I am still able to translate English lessons into Dari for you. I am more than happy to help. I am sorry for the delays in the last pages I translated, but it is our internet. I am trying to send you the translations as soon as I can. —Farida

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