My summer of learning

Many of you know the name of our long time friend and wonderful writer from Afghanistan, Frozan (who also has a story this month). The story here is by Frozan’s little sister, Madina. Their native language is Dari. Welcome, Madina!

Photo courtesy Yiqun Tang


THIS week I tried to learn to ride a bike.  My sister, Frozan, and my younger sisters helped me.  And now I can ride a bike!  

    It was hard to learn. I learned it in three weeks. It was scary, but I am brave!  I had a good feeling about what I did because this bike is the first bike in my family.  I ride the bike in our courtyard, not on the street.

     I want to learn to ride better.  I think I will learn with more effort. I want to go faster and I want to ride with no injuries because I fell off many times. I want to participate in school competitions in the future. —Madina

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