How do you spell “shoe”?


Can you guess what the shoes in the photo are for?

This story comes as a result of an English assignment.  Zamzama, who is from Afghanistan, was asked by her teacher to write a story using words that were hard for her to spell—one of which was “shoe”.  It seems like an easy word to spell until you remember that it rhythms with too, two, new, blue, do, goo. So why is it spelled shoe?!

ONE funny day at 9:00 in the morning when I wanted to go to school, I became late. I quickly put on my school dress early that morning, but when I went out from my home and put on my white shoes, my shoes did not fit! I thought maybe my foot became larger. But how could my foot become bigger?  I tried to put on my shoe again until I broke the shoe.  

     Then I saw that the shoe was my younger brother’s shoe because there were a lot of shoes all together.  I laughed, but my brother said, “You don’t have eyes to use to see which shoes are your shoes and which shoes are my shoes?!”

     I found my white shoes and I wore my shoes, but my poor brother could not wear his shoes, because I broke them. I have a good brother. At first he was angry with me. But then he laughed.


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