My name is Asia


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Story by Asia.  Asia is from Afghanistan. This is Asia’s first story for InterestEng. Congratulations and welcome, Asia!

MY name is Asia. It means “sad” in Dari, my language. It is a common name in Afghanistan. It is a Muslim name. My mom and my dad chose my name. Everyone can suggest a name, but the father chooses the final name. Of all of my relatives, only my name is Asia. My father gave me this name because I was very small. It comes from a story in the Koran. [The story is also in the Torah, the Bible, and in other religious texts.] 

     The name is a very old name from the time of Moses. It was when Pharaoh was king. He said to kill all the babies.  One mother did not want to kill her baby. She knew he was special. She put her baby in a basket and put the basket in the river. That day the king’s daughter went to the river to wash. The daughter’s name was Asia. She heard the baby crying. She saved the baby. She hid him and she raised him. He became the great prophet, Moses. This story tells you the meaning of my name.

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