My message to girls

        This story by Aida, one of our newer writers from Afghanistan who just graduated from high school, skipping two grades to finish at age 15.  Aida’s native language is Dari.


Photo courtesy Aida.


WITHOUT education, people’s lives cannot be wholesome or meaningful. Education brings peace, stability, improvement and happiness to a society. If there wasn’t education, human life would be empty. Without it there is violence, injustice, weak laws, insecurity, and decline. If here in Afghanistan there is war, it’s because some people are not educated. They don’t know the importance of education. 

     A country is developed or not, based on education. With education we can reach for higher things in life, that is why education improves our world. But nobody can force someone to get an education. If we want to help someone have an education we should teach them in a way that they will be interested in. Teachers should teach in a way that will make students want lessons every day. 

     There are several ways we can study well. Even with limited resources we can manage to study well. We don’t need to have computers or Internet when we are at school. We can start studying with small books. I have been brought up in a remote area of Afghanistan and attended a public school. I remember how I studied hard and tried several different methods to learn well. 

     First, we must tell ourselves that, “Yes!” we can do what we want to do.  We really need to have self confidence.  Second, to remember our lessons we need to practice and memorize them. If we are walking on the street, if we are in the kitchen, wherever we are, we can keep a small notebook with us to write down what we need to learn.   

     My father once told me a very interesting story by a philosopher: There once was a shy boy. Whenever he wanted to say his lessons in his class, he could not do it. One day he decided that he would go to the desert. He went to the desert, stood in front of a stone, and tried to give a speech, but he couldn’t do it. But after an hour practicing, he could give a speech in front of one stone. The next day, he found two stones and told his lessons to them. Everyday he did this until he was able to give a speech in front of lots of people in his class.  

       Girls in my society have to respect themselves and what they want. They have a very limited time to learn before they have to marry. Most of the time, girls are not allowed to go to learning centers to get extra education. Therefore they should try to learn from their older brothers and sisters at home. Girls in Afghanistan have to use every possible opportunity wisely. I think this is the most important sentence in my story. Girls in Afghanistan don’t have lots of chances or opportunities. If a girl wants to do something, she must stand against a lot of people in her family to reach her goals.  She should think a lot about what she wants to do and not waste her time, but do it. 

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