My father’s gifts

      Fawzia is from Afghanistan and is a teacher at SOLA, School of Leadership, Afghanistan.  Working very hard, she has virtually taught herself English!  She is married and a happy mother and grandmother. This is her first story for InterestEng. Welcome, Fawzia!


Photo courtesy the Simmonds family


I WANT to tell you about my kind father. He is no longer living now, which makes me very sad. He always helped me. When I had problems in my life my father helped me more than anyone. He was a talkative man. It was easy for him to make friends. He was also an intelligent and talented economist. He had gotten his master’s diploma in accounting in Iran. He went there alone to study for about two years. When he went to Iran I was only five years old. At that time we were five sisters and two brothers.  

     My father was responsible for all his family: for his father, mother, brother, as well as his wife and children. He paid for all the expenses of our big family. We were a happy, family. When we were all together at the same time, it looked like a wedding party. And this was without guests! At holidays we had a lot of guests. 

     When I was a teenager my grandmother, grandfather, and my uncles with their wives and children lived together with us.  A big family gives you lots of support. Sometimes it was very good for me because I had a cousin who was my classmate. We studied together and helped each other. Sometimes she was first in the class and sometimes I was first in the class.  My older brother also supported me a lot. He supported me going to school and he helped me with my English lessons.  My brother speaks English very, very well. He had gone to America to study when I was in second grade.  

     Here is a story I always remember about my father. Once he gave me an award for a special painting I did when I was a child. I painted Dawood Khan’s picture who was president of Afghanistan in 1974. My father liked the painting a lot. He gave me an award that I have never forgotten.    

     My father was very friendly to us all, but especially to me. He always hugged me and caressed me.

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