Much love

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This month, the Gentle One lovingly tells us about the endless love of her father.

I LOVE my father.  

     A father is like a mountain. We should lean on him. A father  is like an umbrella over our head. Fathers are our strength and pride. We should always trust our father. A father is doing everything so that his family is having a joyful and satisfying life. He wants everything for his family but nothing for himself.

     One night we had spaghetti for our dinner. My mother taught my sister the way of cooking spaghetti. At first she prepared the dough as my mother told her.  But my sister increased the salt. After that she made the spaghetti with her hands and a knife. Then my sister cooked the spaghetti and brought it to us.  It looked very delicious. But when we ate it, it was very salty.

     My father was angry and his forehead was wrinkled. (His forehead was always wrinkled when he was angry.) Then I went to my father and stood in front of him. I pressed his wrinkles with my little hands so they would go away.  I said, “Father make your forehead like this.”  Then my father laughed and we ate our dinner with happiness.

    Now I think how my father lived, that was real love.

                                                                                                              — The Gentle One

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