“More important than my teeth” 

     Story by Shakila. Native language, Pashto. 




When we received this story, there was no doubt that we would publish it. Half of the words were misspelled and every sentence had a mistake. But it is such a gift—as well as an amazing example of courage and the determination to try. — The Editors

ALL mothers are the best and my mother is one of them. My mother did lots of things for me. If my mother was not helping me, I would not be able to learn. When I wanted to go to school my father was not letting me. My mother cried and said to my father, “Please, let her go to school!”  I was in school one year and then I had to leave. I still wanted to learn. I wanted to talk with my teachers. But I didn’t have a computer [to talk with her overseas tutors by Skype]. 

     My mother worked hard to get money to make her teeth new because her teeth were destroyed. But then she bought me a computer with her money. She said, “I will find another money for teeth. Your studying is more important than my teeth.” When she said this I was near to crying. I wish you could see my mother. She is the best mother in the world. I wish all mothers were like my mother. I know that my spelling is wrong, but one day I will learn in a good way to write and speak.

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