Miss you

     This poem is by a young girl who left everything behind for the sake of being educated in America. Anisgul, who is from Afghanistan, is the only member of her family who can read or write. Here she writes about her mother at the end of her first year in America.  

Beach thought



I never thought I would be away from you,
That I would not be able to see your smiling face for a year. 
I am trying to run away from these sad, lonely days and nights.
But there is a promise, and it will always push me to stay.
During the night I always have dreams about you.
And when I wake up, I always cry.
I was crying for no reason, and
So after awhile I realized I was missing you.
I miss you so much, when I find myself, alone, with tears,
In a 
dark and a quiet place without you. 
I want to say there will be no one who can take your place in my heart. 
There was a time I said goodbye to you,
But that was not forever.
Because I cannot go on in my life without you.

                                                                                      — Anisgul

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