Love letters

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We all need love expressed. It is to our hearts what light is to the sun. But to whom do you write love letters when you’ve lost everyone and everything?  The Gentle One gently shows us.

Letter #1 (of 4 letters).

My dear village,

     How are your clear skies? How are your clear waters, rich like silver? How are your green fields?     
     I always think about, and remember, your green and high mountains. I remember when I walked under the trees and on the soft grass. I remember that your people were very kind and hospitable. I remember your wheat, barley, clover, alfalfa and when they were standing tall and green. I think about your naturally beautiful views.     
     My beautiful village, I miss you. How many years? I hope you are living in peace, although I know you don’t have real peace. I hope real peace comes in our country and I can come again into your embrace.

                                                            With all my love,
                                                                           The Gentle One

Letter #2.

Dear Summer,

     My love for you is equal to your long days. I love your warmth. I love your sweet fruit, your grapes, watermelons, winter melons, apricots and plums. I love your beautiful flowers. I love your green nature. I love everything you have because your everything is wonderful and lovely.

                                                                             With all my love,
                                                                             The Gentle One

Letter #3.

Dear lovely stars!

     I love you so much. You are the best. I love your beauty and brightness. When you are shining, the sky seems more than beautiful. I love to see you always shining and beautiful. I wait very much to see you again. I wish I could fly to you and always be by your side.
     Dear stars! 
Thank you for being.

                                                                                                            With all my love, 
                                                                                                            The Gentle One

Letter #4.

My dear country,

     I love your beautiful name, my dear country.  I love your earth bit-by-bit.  I love your hospitable people, my dear country. I love your high mountians, your flourishing deserts, your historical places. I love your clear waters and blue sky, my dear country. I love your spring because every place looks like heaven. I love your summer because your warmth gives us food and fruits. I love your fall because your nature seems more than beautiful then.  I love your winter because every thing looks like a bride.                                                                                                                  
                                                                                                           With all my love, 
The Gentle One

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