Life in London

Photo courtesy Janis Oppliger, Unsplash!

Photo courtesy Josh Wilburne, Unsplash!


This story is by Frozan, a young woman from Afghanistan. She is currently studying at Dauntsey’s, a 600-year-old boarding school in England. In her two years at Dauntsey’s we’re pleased to say she’s acquired a genuine British accent!

LAST week it was our half term and I did a work experience    in London. I really enjoyed it. I worked at the British and Irish Agencies Afghanistan Group. I had two really nice and kind colleagues. My job was to read news about Afghanistan from different websites every day and put them into different categories: Politics, People and Culture, Security, Humanitarian, and Development. It was nice to read about Afghanistan, but at the same time it felt weird to read about my own country from the media.

     While I was in London, I stayed with a very lovely family. They had two 4-year-old twins. I was very afraid that I would mix the boys’ names up, but thankfully they were not really simi- lar to each other. One afternoon when I finished my work in the office, we all went to the Tate Modern art gallery and to Saint Paul’s Cathedral. It was very nice.

     On my first day to work, the father of the family I stayed with took me to the office and showed me the Tube and how it works. It was really nice of him!  The subways in London are extremely busy and I was afraid that I might get lost. But I made notes and wrote down all the directions so that I didn’t get lost. I carried the notes until the last day! —Frozan

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