Letters to my friend

Screenshot for illustrative purposes. Image: Razia’s Ray of Hope video.


Mariam is a sweet, young 7th grader in Afghanistan, attending one of the most remarkable schools in the country. It is the out-come of the work of the organization, Razia’s Ray of Hope and the most successful nonprofit we’ve discovered in Afghanistan. It’s not only what the organization has done but how it has worked that’s so inspiring.  
     Though the idea of a girls’s school first met with tremendous opposition from village elders, through patience, sincerity and profound wisdom, it gained the full support and protection of those same elders and leaders.  It has gone from one small class of girls to over 600 students in just 10 years.  The school gives the girls schooling, books, educational materials, meals, and a good pair of shoes—all for free.  In addition, it gives paid teach- ing jobs to local villagers. 
     Here Mariam shares a letter to her friend in the U.S. who, through letter writing, is helping her English learning.


Dear Friend,
     I am so happy to get your letter.  It is the most beautiful card in the world.  My teachers, friends and I loved it. I am very happy to write to you again. I have finished my final exams!  I am so lucky and happy to passed [sic] it. Now I am in winter course. I love to learn and I would like to become a doctor when I grow up.
     We have a beautiful garden at home and we have two birds at home. One of them is white and the other is orange. We have lots of fruit trees.  We have drawing period twice a week and I can draw a little bit but not perfectly. But here is my apple tree in my garden.
     I love to read books. My favorite books are story books. I don’t like ice cream much but I love chips.  That is my all time favorite food.
     Thank you for writing to me. I love you.   
                                                                      — Mariam


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