My sister


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Asia is from Afghanistan. She is a newer student of English and one of our newer writers.

IF you ever dreamt of a person who could be your perfect friend, that person, I found out, is my sister.  She is always there for me. Her name is Mariam. Mariam is a wonderful person in so many ways. My sister is a very independent girl. She doesn’t need to be helped by anybody because she is capable of doing everything herself. 

    All my life she always tried to show me how to be good. She told my younger sister and me not to dirty our clothes and not to fight with each other. We didn’t like to listen to her words and because of that we wanted to do something unkind to her. We put some pepper and salt in her tea glass once! Now it is a funny memory for me. I really miss those moments.

     If I had to pick one person who has loved me in a remarkable way, it would be my sister. She is not only my sister, she is my closest friend and like a mom. She always understands me and knows how I feel. She helps me in so many ways. Nobody can be for me what she is. I respect her so much. —

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