Letter from Kabul


   Confidence, courage, hope


Photograph: U.S. Department of State, public domain.  


The Editor of  InterestEng. received a letter from a remarkable American man whose chosen home is Kabul, Afghanistan.  In 2008 he, along with an equally remarkable young Afghan woman, Shabana Basij-Rasikh, co-founded SOLA, School of Leadership, Afghanistan. (Sola means “peace” in Pashto.) As we now publish stories from SOLA students, we thought these words would be welcomed by our readers who may feel discouragement, at times, from media reports from Afghanistan.

     There is far more hope in this country than one would think from reading, watching, listening to our media. It is what keeps us “glued” to this remarkable country, these extraordinary people. Yes, bad things happen in Afghanistan, but I have never in my well traveled life met a kinder, more thoughtful, decent, modest, considerate or hospitable people than the Afghans among whom I live and work today. I first said these words several years ago in a talk at a New England prep school.  They hold every bit as true today.  —Ted Achilles, Co-founder, SOLA


This month we have 3 very special stories from Afghanistan:

When I help a person, I help a country

To you, without water

Your courage

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SOLA:  http://www.sola-afghanistan.org/

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