Lessons from The Giving Tree

Our young, wonderful high school student from Afghanistan, Mashal, loves to read stories from around the world. Recently he discovered Shel Silversten’s classic story, The Giving Tree.

Photo courtesy Chen Hu, Unsplash!


THIS was my first time to read this story.  It is a story about a faithful, honest tree.  It is a good tree because she is being loyal to her friend to the end! This is a very beautiful story that teaches you a lot.  I learned we can move on from ourselves for a friend.  Do you say this in English?  In Afghanistan we say we move on for a friend. For example. I have something that is useful for me but it is also useful for you. When I give it to you I say “I move it on” to you.  That is what this story is about. It teaches us to do this.  It is a VERY GOOD story, I think.  —Mashal


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