Lessons from an emoji


Emoji drawn by Mashal.


—> Our long time writer, Mashal, from Afghanistan, loves to read.  Recently, he totally surprised his teacher after they read a story together.

I READ a story about a girl who drew a new emoji. The emoji is a girl with a headscarf. The girl who drew the emoji is Muslim but she could not find an emoji with a headscarf. Then she saw on the internet how to send it to the Apple company. Her emoji might be used this year.  
     So that gave me an idea. I wanted to draw an emoji too. The idea of my emoji is NO MORE WAR!  At first I thought to draw a picture of two men with guns firing at each other. Then I thought it is better that only one man fires at another person. I thought to draw the other man with his hands tied. I liked that better.  I wanted to show that in war it is always helpless people who lose their lives by men with power. 
     I thought if people 
see that those they kill are just like their own brother then war will stop. I mean, if people accept others and love people like brothers they will stop killing. 
     Last, I made a red line and circle. But I wrote the words at the top because I don’t know if my drawing is clear. I drew my emoji a second time and a third time and many times.   —Mashal

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