Learning to make bread


Photos courtesy The Gentle One


This month, the Gentle One tells us about learning to make the famed flat loaf Afghan bread called naan.

WHEN I was twenty-years-old we went back to our beautiful, old village in S-, because in Kabul there was war and the situa-tion was very bad. Our village is very green because there are lots of rivers, trees and grass there. But we did not know village life after so many years in Kabul. For example, in the city we bought bread, but in the village we should make bread. I knew how to make the dough, because in Kabul we would make the dough at home and then take it to the bakery to bake for us.  People do this because it is cheaper than buying bread made at the bakery.
     But in the village we must make the dough and bake it. We should heat the oven with wood and then we should bake the breads. My sister, the first day we were in S-, heated the oven and made breads. But I feared the oven because it is very hot when you make the breads. My brother’s wife helped me learn.  At first I made 1 or 2 breads every day.  Then I learned how to do it from start to finish, so I was not afraid to be near the hot part of the oven. After six or seven months I could make all the breads for our meals.   
The Gentle One

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