“Kids Can” 

      From young refugees in camps taking the initiative to set up schools for younger children, to children in Africa planting trees to reverse drought, to a homeless boy of 7 setting up an organization to help street children, you will find much to inspire you by taking time to read this
 Kids Can story.  
     Then enjoy reading Sajia’s comments below.

Sajia is from Afghanistan and is just about to finish her first year at university in Kyrgyzstan. After reading the Kids Can story (above), she shared her thoughts about what she might do to help young people less fortunate than her when she returns home to Afghanistan this summer. 

AFTER I read these kids’ stories, I was really inspired. I knew it was not just a story. It was lots of feelings and dreams that came true. After I read about the homeless boy, I remembered my own country where lots of kids lose their parents everyday and they have to work and feed themselves. He reminded me of those kids. When I think about it, I understand that I do not need power or money to help my country’s children. Love would be the most powerful gift for them. These kids inspired me to take action and make a meaningful life for myself. —Sajia

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