It will be good, if you make it so


Photo courtesy Frozan

Our good friend, and wonderful writer, Frozan (who has written for InterestEng. since its first issues) is now exquisitely fluent in English. It’s been a joy to watch her ongoing journey . . . 

BECAUSE international students can’t travel to the U.S. right now, I will have my lessons online for the fall college semester. I am not sad about this at all! It has caused inconveniences, but there are inconveniences in life all the time. At this point, I am focusing on how to overcome some of these inconveniences and it has been a wonderful, new learning opportunity. 

     I was reading a book recently, and I came across the word ‘synergy’. I already knew about the word ‘symbiosis’ from my biology classes. But ‘synergy’ is a word that is quite similar to a saying we have in Afghanistan — از تو حرکت، از خدا برکت. The meaning is, “If you make a move, then God will do things to make you move further”.  So, it shows that you have to make the first move, and then there will come the power to make a greater effect — to move you further than you could all by yourself. And, I believe that is very true because of all the encounters I have had recently because of my books for university. 

     I cannot find the books I need for my university in Kabul (or the digital version on the internet) and so I sent an email to the American University of Afghanistan to ask if they could lend me the book. (I saw on their website that they have one of the books I need in their library.)  Although I still have been unable to get those books, it energizes me to see that people are willing to help a complete stranger by sharing websites that might have the book or just answering my emails! This encounter and realization might have never happened to me if it wasn’t for the kind of situation we are in right now. So, any circumstance will be good, if we choose to make it good!  —Frozan

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