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We love the exchanges that happen between readers and writers! Last month, after reading the story by Frozan (story here) one of our kind readers asked if she could anonymously help Frozan get some textbooks she needed.  She also wondered if Frozan’s early dream of being an astronaut still held true. Here is Frozan’s reply. 

PLEASE thank [the kind person] for me!!!  That is really kind of her to ask. But, I have got all the books I need now. Some of them I found on the internet and some of them on Amazon Kindle. 

Also, I no longer want to be an astronaut. Not because I no longer like what I liked then, but because I now know that that will not be possible in Afghanistan. I also know that I wouldn’t like to live anywhere else other than Afghanistan. So, I have decided to study biochemistry at university. I have learned that it is not only the destination that matters; but the journey itself is of high importance too. And studying any field of science would give me that pleasure of discovering new things and continuous learning — maybe not on a spaceship and on another planet, but maybe in the corner of a laboratory! 

I still can’t make up my mind exactly on what I want to be or do after university. But these are some of the things I think I would like to do and think would benefit Afghan society: go and study pharmacology at the graduate level and become a pharmacologist; study science literature and write science books; or go into forensic science. I’m not sure! My mind changes all the time, yet I always discover that that change shows me more specifically what I am interested in. — Frozan

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