International Day of Peace


Photos courtesy Asia


     Asia, one of our young writers from Afghanistan, kindly shared the special celebration her school had this year for the International Day of Peace.  Thank you, Asia!

THE 21st of September is the International Day of Peace. We celebrated the day during our leadership and social skills class at my school. It was so very wonderful.  International Peace Day is so important in Afghanistan, because here in Afghanistan the security situation is very bad and here we do not have peace.  This is why we wanted to celebrate it and pray for a long peace in Afghanistan. When we play our national anthem, we stand up and our hands should be on our hearts to show the love we have for our beautiful country. 

     We all enjoyed the day a lot. It was also special because it was one of our teacher’s daughter’s birthday. Our teacher celebrated the birthday with us, too! We painted our faces with the colors of the Afghan flag. We had theatre and games. But my favourite part of the celebration was when we all cut the birthday cake. Everyone even put some of the cake on ours faces. Our dresses got very dirty, but it was fun!  —Asia 

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