In honor of mothers


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Shaiq is a remarkable young man from Afghanistan. His native language is Dari but he is now fluent in English. For several years he has been studying in America and will eventually return to Afghanistan to help his country. Here he shares two touching poems in honor of his loved mother.


Poem 1.

Our mother is our first teacher.
Our mother is like sweet fruit.
Our mother is so kind to her children.
Our mother raises us up.
Our mother didn't sleep because of us,
        from the night till morning, when we were sick.
Our mother gave us milk to help us grow.
Our mother taught us all the good things we know.
We should have respect for our mother.
Whatever she has taught us we should accept.

Poem 2.

When I am alone, I think of you.
When I am sad, I remember you.
When I am happy, I am happy for you.
When I am sleeping, I dream about you.
When I am away from you, I worry about you.
When I am with you, I feel so happy.

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