Ideas stronger than a headscarf 

  Story by Farida.  Native language, Dari. 


Photograph above courtesy SOLA:


I AND my SOLA sisters recently watched a conference on the Internet with girls from around the world. [SOLA: School of Leadership, Afghanistan.]  

     The conference was in honor of the International Day of the Girl.  It was hosted by Cathy Russle, the U.S. Ambassador for Global Women’s Issues. We heard lots of wonderful ideas. For example. We learned that it’s not important how you look. The thing that matters is how you think.  What’s really important is how you act and how much you know.

     From this meeting we learned how girls in other countries think about their rights.  I believe that the ideas they have can shape both the present and the future of their countries    

     There is one thing that I remember most. Some of the girls that I saw had very proper hijab [headscarves].  Even better than us. If I just saw the picture of these girls, I would not believe that they could have ideas about freedom, education and girls’ rights.  Their ideas were stronger than their headscarves.  —Farida

At minute 53:16, the last question of the conference is from SOLA girls.

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