I still have dreams


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Written by Strength.  

The following letter is by a young writer in northern Afghanistan. We have not used her real name but have signed her letter, Strength.  

     Dear Teacher, I am sorry for being so late with my homework. I only could write two haiku poems because I was very distracted. I am sure you have heard about Afghanistan and the bad security situation in the northespecially in Takhar province where I live and in Kunduz. I am so sad because I cannot go to school. I am sitting in my house only. But I have begun to use the time to write poems. I wrote a poem about Kunduz and my dearest sister.  [Editor’s note: Since writing this letter, the security situation has improved enough that the schools are reopened.]

My sister Maryam-jan

My good Maryam
The unique, precious sister
I love you so much 


                                                                                  Taliban attacked
                                                                                I feel pity for Kunduz
                                                                                But still I have dreams

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