I missed breakfast with my family




Anisgul is in 10th grade and studying for a second year in America. Her  native languages are Pashto and Dari.

I WAS gone a whole year from my family while studying in America. I really missed my family and I missed our food. I missed having breakfast all together and what we eat for breakfast. We have green tea, cheese, and eggs. 

     When I arrived back home my brother met me at the airport. I was so excited.  When I got off the plane, I actually pinched myself!  “Am I really here? Am I really in Afghanistan?” I thought.  But then I saw my brother waiting for me, and I knew I was home.

     I was away one year and four months.  It was so long.  My mother and sisters cried. They had a special meal for me; all my favorite things. My mom cooked my favorite fish and spinach and naan [bread].  I dreamed of spicy spinach when I was away. Now I was eating it again. It was so delicious. 

     After all that time, nothing really changed. I was home again.  

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