I love my family




Story by Asia.  Asia is from Afghanistan and is studying to be a teacher. She is a newer student of English and one of our newer writers.

IT’S very difficult to say that there is one person who is important in my life because my whole family is important to me: my mom, my dad, my older and younger sisters and brothers. My family is held close to my heart and is very, very precious in my life.  I can’t live without them even for a moment.  I love all of them so much.  My mother gave birth to me. My father taught me the Holy Quran and helped me to learn my lessons. My parents tried hard to give me a good education and taught me to be a good and responsible person. They taught me how to respect others. 

     My older sister Maryam is the one who is always thinking, “How can I succeed and reach my goals?” She helped me a lot. She is not only my sister, she is my best friend, the one I can tell everything to. 

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