I like his feet best of all

Mashal's snowman

Photo courtesy Mashal.


This fun story is by Mashal, whose native language is Dari. Mashal lives in Afghanistan and is a very eager learner of English. His dream is to fly to the moon some day. 

ONE Sunday it was a snowy day. It was snowing and my cousin was visiting me in my home. We decided to make a snowman.  We went out to the courtyard and we made a ball with snow. Again we made a ball with snow, but smaller than first snowy ball. We put the second ball on the first ball. Again we made a ball, smaller than the two first balls. We put the third ball on the second ball and then we made arms and put them on the snowman’s body. We made feet with snow and put them on the snowman’s body. Next we put eyes and a nose on the snowman’s  face and put little buttons on the snowman’s body. We made a snowman! Our work was finished! —Mashal

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