I feel the depth of your heart

Sajia is a new writer for InterestEng. and a great lover of poetry.  She is fast learning English at her school in Afghanistan: SOLA, School of Leadership, Afghanistan. Sajia’s native language is Dari. Here she writes a beautiful tribute to her mother.  Welcome, Sajia!

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I feel depth of your heart,

Your happiness and your sadness.

I feel how much everything is a challenge for you.

You live far away from the lights of your life.

You deliver them and raise them up

And mold your life to their happiness.

And now . . . 

They are busy with their own life challenges.

You always wait for them to enter and bring a smile to your face.

I always wonder . . .

I wonder where such kindness came from?

I wonder . . .

Do they know the vastness of your heart?

And the high meaning of your worth in their lives?


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