Humans are wonderful


Screenshot from “Going the Last Mile"

        Story by Farida, whose native language is Dari. Farida is part of the International Civics Class (see home page). She wrote this after doing a project to see how many people and actions affect her day. For one week, each day she thought about all the things that are needed to enable her to do the simplest things. As the LittleBig Film below shows, the smallest actions can change our world.

I LEARNED many new things doing this project [see intro above]. I learned that humans are very special! I have thought a lot about one thing: For just one minute of our life, there are so many people needed, and so many people who work to make it wonderful. I mean, for example, for having breakfast, it takes people who work to plant tea and carry it to where I live. Many things are needed to have water in my home, and to have sugar and to grow the grain and bake bread. All that, just for my breakfast.  

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