How things “grow”

The things that hurt us sometimes help us the most.


*FOR CLASSROOM USE - This video-story exercise is especially designed to develop writing skills. Students watch a short creative video and then describe what they saw.


I saw a beautiful film about a man who tried hard to make a beautiful garden. He planted all his seeds and every day and every night he took care of them and gave them water until they became big. They grew well until, one night, there was a big storm. The storm destroyed everything he planted.  He was very sad.

     But after winter, when spring came, he went out and saw that there were flowers everywhere! They came from the flowers he planted the year before. They fell into the ground and because they had seeds, the seeds waited for another year to grow. The wind carried the seeds to many different places, farther than the man could plant himself.

     So this is what I learned from this film. We have to know that when we do something good, it is the beginning of something good for others, for new generations even if, at first, what we do gets destroyed. When some thing tries to hurt us, it really helps us to have more success. Because when something bad happens, it makes us try more and work harder. When our wishes don’t come true, we shouldn’t be sad because God always knows the time that is best for everything.  We shouldn’t feel hopeless, we should have confidence that our trying is never in vain [without some result].

     We have a saying, “Everything has its own time. If a gardener pours lots of water on his garden, he still cannot make the flowers grow faster. They grow in their own time.”  —Shaiq

………………………………………...Shaiq is from Afghanistan. His native language is Dari. He is a student at SOLA, School of Leadership, Afghanistan and hopes to study in the U.S. 

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