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This fun story is by Mashal and his English tutor in America. Mashal is from Afghanistan and is a newer student of English. A story starts with a tutor sending a sentence to the student. The student adds several sentences. When the student gets stuck, he or she sends the story back to the tutor who adds another sentence to keep the story going. It is a fun way to teach writing.


ONE day, a boy named Mashal went to school on Friday. He thought it was Thursday. Mashal was a good boy. Mashal liked sports and football.  He was 14 years old. He was in class eight. When he got to school he said, “Where is everyone?  Where are my friends?  Where are the teachers?”  Then he saw a man. The man said, “Today is Friday! There is no school today.” Mashal answered, “Yes, I don’t go to school on Friday! I thought it was Thursday!” The man said, “Do you want to help me?  Today I will paint the school bright green!”   

     Mashal said, “Yes, I will help you paint the school bright green color. That will be fun!”  So Mashal helped the man paint the school.  The man was very happy. After 2 hours they finished. Then Mashal looked at his new, white shirt.  There was green paint all over his white shirt!

    “Oh, no!” said Mashal. “What should I do? My mother will not be happy when she sees me!” The man said, “Don't worry, I will paint one sleeve black and the middle red and then your shirt will be like the Afghan flag!” Mashal said to all his friends the next day, “Look! My shirt is the Afghan flag!” 

     Because he was a good boy and wanted to help the man, Mashal was rewarded.  He had the best shirt in all the school!  

     THE END

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