Fruits of my childhood

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This month, the Gentle One tells us about fun, summertime childhood adventures.

I AM the youngest child in my family. My brothers and my sister are older than me. In the summer I was sometimes busy playing with my friends. My brothers and my sister were busy, too, playing with their friends. 

     I liked to play with dolls.  Sometimes we made our dolls from old clothes and sometimes we bought them. When children in Afghanistan play with dolls, we call it Godi Bazi. It means “doll playing”.   We also played Chesham Potakan.  That is when one child closes his eyes and the others hide.  When the child opens his eyes he tries to find the others. We also played jump rope. We call that Resman Bazi.

     But when the mulberries were ripe, my mother, my brother, my sister and I worked together to gather them.  We took a big cloth and held it on four sides under each mulberry tree. Then my brother Nasrullah climbed the tree and shook its branches.  All the ripe berries fell into the cloth. 

     My brother Nasrullah was always the one to climb the trees and collect the ripe fruits.  He would climb different trees, too, like apple trees, apricot trees, and peach trees.  When he climbed the fruit trees he would put one or two of the ripest fruits he collected in his pocket for himself.  When he came down from the tree, I took the fruits from him. I couldn’t climb on the trees because I was little, but my sister could. 

    My oldest brother was in Kabul because he studied at university. We all loved him. When the fruits were ripe, my father sent them to him. When the apricots were ripe we loved to eat them.  Then we took the seed pods and with a needle and string we put the seeds on a string.  When my brother came home, we gave them to him because you can eat the inside. We eat them like almonds.  They are very good!    — The Gentle One

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